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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown waiting for valentines

Charlie Brown

Date of First Appearance:
October 2, 1950

Schulz on Charlie Brown:
"Charlie Brown is supposed to represent what is sometimes called 'everyman.' When I was small, I believed that my face was so bland that people would not recognize me if they saw me some place other than where they normally would. I was sincerely surprised if I happened to be in the downtown area of Saint Paul shopping with my mother, and we would bump into a fellow student at school, or a teacher, and they recognized me. I thought that my ordinary appearance was a perfect disguise. It was this weird kind of thinking that prompted Charlie Brown's round, ordinary face."

Charlie Brown never loses hope. His friends may call him "blockhead," but he faces each day with optimism. He is friendly and polite, although he loses at baseball games, the football is always pulled away, and his love for the little red-haired girl is never returned.