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Linus and Charlie Brown


Date of First Appearance:
September 19, 1952;
Named September 22, 1952

Schulz on Linus: "Linus didn't come along for several years. He came because one day I was doodling on a piece of paper and I drew this little character with some wild hair straggling down from the top of his head and showing it to a friend of mine who also was working at Art Instruction Schools and whose name was Linus Maurer. For no reason at all, I had written his name under it. He looked at it and we both kind of chuckled. Then I though, why not put this character in the strip and make him Lucy's brother?"

Tormented by Lucy, his big sister, Linus is a quirky intellectual who can see the philosophical side of all situations. He quotes scripture, knows the true meaning of Christmas, and continues to hope he sees the Great Pumpkin on Halloween. Sally, Charlie Brown's little sister, has a crush on him, calling him "Sweet Babboo."