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Sally watching TV

Sally Brown

Date of First Appearance:
Mentioned May 25, 1959;
Named June 2 1959; August 23, 1959

Schulz on Sally:
"She is a character who expresses indignation well, and who is completely puzzled by all the things she has to go through in school."

Sally, Charlie Brown's little sister, is both confident and perplexed by the apparent disorder of the world around her. She has a crush on Linus, whom she calls "Sweet Babboo," and is not discouraged by his refusals of her affection. She looks to her older brother to help her with schoolwork, always settling for the easy answer or a way to avoid school altogether.

Uninhibited, she frequently confuses phrases and words. Reciting the famous Christmas poem, she said: "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care... In hopes that Jack Nicklaus soon would be there."