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Spike in the desert


Date of First Appearance:
Mentioned August 4, 1975;
August 13, 1975

Schulz on Spike:
"Spike is the loner brother of Snoopy and lives out in the desert near Needles, California. Though most of his life is spent lying on rocks, talking to cacti, and writing letters to Snoopy, he has left the desert on occasion. Most of the time the reason for his outing is either a trip to look for chicks in Needles or a visit to his brother. Spike doesn't really smile much, since there's not much to smile about in the desert, but he seems to have a good time just the same."

Spike is Snoopy's brother and can be recognized by his hat, moustache, and skinny body. Spike, with sister Belle and brothers Marbles, Olaf, and Andy occasionally visit Snoopy and talk about their early days at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. Sometimes, Spike pretends to be a WWI infantryman, acting out foxhole dramas with Snoopy as the Flying Ace.